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December 1st, 2016

Christmas True or False

christmas_true_or_falseThis resource is aimed at pupils in middle classes. There are statements about Christmas on flashcards and pupils have to sort out the statements and decide whether they are true or false. There are twenty sentences to sort, ten of which are true and ten which are false. The resource assumes an ability to read.

Print out all pages in the resource, including the “True” and “False” signs at the end. If possible, laminate all of the pages. Cut out the true and false headers as well as the twenty sentences.

November 18th, 2015

Christmas Food & Decorations Sorting

christmas_food_decorations_sortingThis resource is aimed at pupils in junior classes or pupils with speech and language difficulties. Categorisation is an important skill for younger/SEN pupils to develop. This resource aims to develop categorisation skills as well as to encourage oral language. This sorting activity focuses on Christmas Food and Decorations.

Pages 2-5 should be laminated. The small images on pages 4-5 should then be cut out. Velcro should be attached

October 30th, 2011

Christmas Present Sorting

Christmas Present Sorting

In this seasonal numeracy activity from the TES iBoard website, pupils are asked to sort the Christmas presents by colour, shape or size as they come off the conveyor belt. This is a good seasonal numeracy sorting activity for younger pupils.

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