Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Christmas Ten Frames 01

This is a seasonal maths resource based on the consolidation of number 0 – 10. The resource features images of Christmas Candy Canes to appeal to pupils at this time of year. Pupils are asked match the number to the correct image strip.

Cut out the image strips and the number squares. Laminate all of the individual strips as well as the small number squares. Laminate also the page with the blank squares. Affix Velcro to all of the empty boxes on the strips, the empty boxes on the large card as well as to the rear of the small number squares.

Place the eleven number squares that complete each strip randomly on the large card with the blank boxes. The pupil then has to select the correct number from this card to match the image on the strips.

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Category: Infants / SEN
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