Friday, November 11th, 2016

Peg Calendar 01

peg_calendar_01This seasonal peg maths resource is aimed at pupils in middle classes or SEN pupils. It is based on the pupil’s ability to read the calendar. It contains a one-month calendar for a December, followed by twelve question cards based on the calendar. The pupil reads the question on the left of each card (or a teacher/SNA may read it to them) followed by the three possible answers on the right of the card. They then place a clothes peg on the answer that they think is correct.

Laminate all of the pages in the resource, and cut up the cards on pages 2-4 into 12 separate cards. This activity is especially suitable for pupils who may not be able to write answers but who understand the concept of time on the calendar, therefore it is a way for them to demonstrate this understanding. It is also good for fine motor skills in the manipulation of the pegs onto the cards.

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Category: 1st/2nd / 3rd/4th / SEN
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