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Welcome to Nollaig Shona, the new Seomra Ranga website for all your Christmas resources! After a lot of planning, designing and preparation over the last six months , the new site is finally online. The process to create the new website actually started shortly after Christmas last year when I realised that the number of Christmas resources had grown rapidly and that it was becoming increasingly more difficult to organise and manage them with the programme that I had been using. I was finding it increasingly time-consuming updating the site with new resources as well as trying to maintain a proper structure and navigation to the site. I began thinking about and planning what I wanted from the new website. I felt that the time had come for the Christmas site to become a stand-alone site, hence Nollaig Shona was born. I enlisted the help of James and Debbie from Logis Media who had helped me to develop the main Seomra Ranga website. They came up with the design for the site – on the one hand I wanted the site to feel similar to Seomra Ranga and yet at the same time the site had to have a Christmassy feel to it. I think they got the balance right, including the re-design of the Seomra Ranga logo to become a Nollaig Shona logo. The past few months have been taken up with uploading the material onto the new site and we hope you like the move from the old to the new:

Old Christmas Website

New Christmas Website

It will take visitors to the site some time to get used to it. I’ve been working with it for quite some time so I am used to it at this stage. However, I’m sure it will take regular visitors to Seomra Ranga a while to get used to finding the content that they need. I hope that given some time, visitors will become comfortable with the new look, feel and structure of the site. Because the site is blog-based, visitors can make comments on posts and resources on the site and I hope that people will start to do that. Visitors can also engage with Seomra Ranga through the Facebook page which will keep people up to date with new developments on both Seomra Ranga and Nollaig Shona. You can also follow Seomra Ranga on Twitter. You could also subscribe to Nollaig Shona via email in the top right hand side of the site. Finally, if you have Christmas resources that you have created, please consider sharing them with others on Nollaig Shona – simply email them as an attachment to me at  You can also make contact with me through the Contact Page in the side Menu bar.

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