Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Maths Task Cards 02

This practical seasonal maths activity is based on the Argos Christmas catalogue for 2018. There are plenty available in the store to give one to pupils to complete these task cards.

There are eight maths problems for pupils to solve – all ask the pupils to find the total cost of three items from the catalogue. The activity is as much a treasure hunt as a maths activity as the pupils have to find the given toy in the catalogue in order to work out the problem.

There are follow-up questions on separate cards for pupils to find the change for each card from four separate amounts of money. Answers are provided.

This task would be suitable to group work or for Station Teaching in maths.

There is a set in full colour and a separate set in black/white – the teacher can decide which set to print out.

(.pdf file 889 KB)


Category: 3rd/4th / 5th/6th
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